"So much of what we both do involves making the right decisions to service our clients. In my case that means finding the right vendors and suppliers for the 17 brands under the Swatch Group U.S. umbrella.

One of the best "right moves" I have in my toolbox is to call Haywood Eletric when we have complicated jewelry store eletrical work to do. There are not many really good electrical service companies. There are even fewer who understand the needs of the projects and the details of the low voltage lighting components as do Dave and his crews.

You have no idea how happy I was to meet Dave during the first job we did together. I instantly realized that he was knowledgeable, experienced, willing to find the best solution for the job, and as a special bonus polite and understanding of how to work in a jewelry store. He had a vacuum and did not regard cleaning up after himself as an insult better left to others. It was clear that he understood the business and that I could focus my efforts elsewhere. I have every intention of calling him the next time we need what he does."

swatch group U.S
Bob Mcnulty
Construction Project Manager